Friday, January 23, 2015


I'm looking for a new job.  It's time.  Honestly, it's been time for awhile but it seems things are falling into place now - and quickly.  I have many reservations about moving out of the state - away from my family, best friends, and my comfortable little life that I've created.  As much as I adore my little house, I've known all along it was going to be temporary - I feel like I've been existing in this current life, knowing that it wasn't permanent, but more of a limbo situation.

Truth time.  I'm scared shitless.  After the divorce and moving out on my own and on my own terms was incredibly scary.  At the same time, it was a little bit exhilarating too.  I'm supporting myself and Jazz, figuring it out as I go.  I know I complain sometimes about this adorable house, but the quirks are why I love it.  I like that the heat doesn't work right.  I like that I the water pressure is finicky and that there is an exact science to balancing the hot/cold water in the shower (it works perfectly everywhere else).  I'm 30 years old, living alone for the first time in my life and this house is mine (albeit temporarily) - in 10 years I'll back and laugh about all the problems I've had with this house, but you know what?  I figured it all out myself.  And  what I couldn't fix, I found ways of managing it.  

Its the same way with triathlon.  I feel like I've made most of it up as i've gone along but its worked for me so far.  When the bike trainer broke, I fixed it.  WITH TOOLS.  BY MYSELF.  It makes me sad to think about parting with it this year but it really does need an upgrade.  Training was out of a book that I tweaked (as if I know what I'm doing to change the training plan to meet my "needs" - uh, needs? right...).   

Regardless, 2014 was all about changes.  EVERYTHING changed.  And I'm a happier, stronger, more confident person because of it.  2015 will bring more changes... but maybe this is the start to a more permanent life.  It's emotional to think about, this so-called ice princess here just might be tearing up a bit thinking about how far I've come in 1 year.  

The job situation is promising though... I had interviews this week, they seemed to go well.  I'm excited for the possibiities... and I'm pumped to move and join a tri team - I plan on killing it out there this year.  

But I know I will miss where I'm at now, especially the handful of people I love with all my heart.  Love you "Mom" and "Dad".  You know I'll miss you more than anything.  Especially my "Mom" - you truly saved me this year.  And I am forever grateful.  

Upward and onward.    

Monday, January 5, 2015

Race Recap: Lifetime Indoor Triathlon

I came across this race on facebook a few weeks ago - it happened to fall on the day my brother would be flying back to Utah after staying at the parents' house for two weeks; I also was going to be visiting them that weekend so why not do a short race to start off the year?

Around the country, many of the Lifetime Fitness centers hold this indoor triathlon on the same day.  You race for distance, not time.   The races consists of a 10 minute swim, 10 minute T1, 30 minute bike, 5 minute T2, and 20 minute run.  

Weirdly, I tossed and turned a lot the previous night.  I woke up feeling a little nervous (what there was to be honestly nervous about, i don't know) but ate the usual Thomas blueberry bagel and peanut butter.  My ever-supportive family came with me to watch.  There were literally 3 other people watching, so my family comprised 50% of the total spectators, making me one lucky girl.  

After watching the 8th heat of the swim, all 10 of us in the heat (2 to a lane) jumped in and warmed up for a few minutes.  Turns out, the woman next to me had done 5 ironmans - including Louisville - so we chatted for a few minutes.  If the weather is decent in October, it sounds like it could be a great race for me.  

Ready, set, go.  Started swimming - hauled ass for the first few minutes, then got a little tired.  My body doesn't remember how to swim fast.  In my head, I felt like I was flying, but I was a little concerned that to the rest of the world, I resembled a sea slug.  Finished in 625m.  I was a little disappointed - I feel like I should be able to swim faster than that.  

Momma P followed me into the locker room and proceeded with a photo shoot which I'm sure the other patrons appreciated.  I secretly enjoyed it.  My parents are SO supportive in everything I do but not overbearing about it.  I appreciated their enthusiasm for this little tri that I was just doing on a whim.    Changed from swim suit to SOAS gear (I seriously LOVE the retro kit) to go onto the bike.  Kind of dilly-dallied in the locker room with mom.  10 minute T1?  Hell, that's the average length of my transitions normally... ha, you think I'm kidding...

The bike was on spin bikes set up in the corner of one of the gyms.  Ready, set, go #2.  Shoes were super loose in the clips (the women next to me was quite displeased with the situation) but what are you gonna do?  Started pedaling, started to tire quickly.  It seemed no matter what I did, I was barely maintaining 19 mph.  Good GOD I don't think I have pedaled that hard or fast in any race whatsoever.  That probably explains my inability to do sprint tris well.  Seriously, one-speed-wonder.  I really need to work on that this year.   I digress.  

Sweated my ass off for 30 minutes only to "travel" 9.6 miles.  In my head, I was convinced that I would win this race... however, after seeing that number, I figured I better run my little heart out if I was going to have a chance of winning.

5 min T2.  Took my time putting on socks and running shoes only to walk through the doors to the sounds of a fire alarm.  Drill?  Judging by the quick pace of the people walking toward the door and the smokey smell in the air, my first thought was "DAMN IT, ARE YOU SERIOUS?"  

It was not only the race interference that ticked me off, but also the fact that it was snowing and I was wearing a sweaty tri kit.  Things took a turn for the exciting when four fire trucks pulled up and a handful of attractive fire fighters came in to save the day, but by then I was too cold to care, though I may have watched them for a minute or two... The lifetime crew couldn't decide where they wanted us to stand, so we transitioned between the lobby, vestibule, and outdoors until I said screw it, I'm sitting in the car.  

After 30 odd minutes or so, the firemen filed out, so we returned inside to see if we were going to finish the race.  Sure enough, after a few minutes, we were on the treadmills about to hit start. 

Ready, set, go #3.  This was odd to me since you have to manually set the pace.  I wasn't entirely sure how fast I could go, but I estimated maybe 7:15 min/mi?  I started out at 7:18 and worked my way to 6:58 after a short while.  I held that pace through the end, though I started to get a little light headed and my legs felt slightly ataxic but I willed them to keep running and finish the time.  It was weird because I know I can do that outside, but I've never run that fast on a treadmill before for a sustained period of time, so maybe that had something to do with it?  I have no idea.  

FInished the 20 min run in 2.82, which figures to be 7:05 average.  Not terrible, but wasn't convinced that would make up for the subpar bike distance.  After a few minutes off the treadmill, I felt back to normal and was ready to keep running for awhile but family insisted on leaving, obviously.  

Overall, it was a fun experience, but it definitely does not play on my strengths as an athlete.  I know I'm cut out for long, endurance-type races - conveniently, I have fallen in love with races that take well over 3+ hours.  I would say the longer the better, but some of these ultra races just seem insane.  Many, many cheers to those who complete them, but not sure they interest me all that much.  Its a little funny because I was looking up the USAT rankings (something I don't altogether understand, but someone was talking about them so I looked it up) - my ranking in short races was in the low 80's but throw the full and half IMs in the mix and the scores jump up to 87 and even 94 for wisconsin.  

I'm SO excited to be doing two IMs this year, Im ready to try to race one now!  Last year was more an experiment to see what I was capable of doing - I definintely took my time on the bike because I was scared I would have no legs to run on.  Later, I felt awesome running but again, I was scared to push it because I wasn't sure how long the legs would last.  Apparently they lasted until the end and I finished with energy to spare - obviously I need to change many things in future races. 

I.E. learning to ride a bike better.  and to stop taking naps in transition.  I can't figure out what takes me so long when I'm not even changing!

Results were posted a couple days later - I beat all the women which was my goal - not a bad way to start the year!  Makes me excited to start training for real and start racing again.  Can't WAIT to sport the new SOAS gear and meet some of the ladies on the team also - its going to be a lovely 2015!