Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The most epic flu of my adult life.

So I had that stressful week. Which ended up being a great training week since I focused my energy on training and not wallowing in the sad hole that was my life for a solid 7 days.

I bought a car Monday. 2011 Nissan Rogue - she's awesome and Rosie fits nicely inside. I'm glad the car buying process is over, lets leave it at that.

I thought to myself that night - self, you survived. your neck is back to normal. Let's try to stay in one piece from now on, shall we?

Wednesday morning (my day off) I woke up and my first thought was "oh. shit." I felt like I'd been legitimately run over by a truck. that was speeding. while transporting cement. my head weighed 100 lbs, my body was sore and achy and my face was on fire. I proceeded to sleep all day long, waking up for 10-15 minutes at a time before passing back out. By that evening, I wasn't doing much better, but ventured out to DC to have my friend take care of me because I was done fending for myself.

Thursday morning I woke up and couldn't remember when I had swallowed 37 knives, but apparently I had in the middle of the night because I couldn't swallow without searing pain. And head still weighed 100 lbs. I returned home very early Thursday morning after calling into work and passed out for the majority of the day. I tried to take Jazz outside and halfway down the stairs had to sit and take a break - it was pathetic.

Friday, if possible - I felt worse. The upper respiratory portion had begun at some point during the night and I had a dry hack of a cough that killed my throat. Miserable, I trekked out to Giant (I had barely eaten for two days) to restock on cold/flu medications and to find something enticing to eat. I came away with about 50 dollar in medicine, an avocado, yogurt (for the following week for work, no way I was eating dairy), crescent rolls, bread for olive oil/balsamic vinegar, and sardines. i'm dead serious. looking back, spaghettios would have really hit the spot as well...

Saturday I was off work - thank GOD. I don't even remember Saturday, that's how awesome I felt. I slept a lot. Watched Ian unpack from my view on the new amazing couch while watching Harry Potter... I provided moral support? Went to the movies Saturday night and tried not to infect anyone else with the plague.

Sunday I was able to venture out and help Ian with his new place. marginally. We went to Ikea and dined on Ikea food. Then i made a mental note to never do that again... I watched more Harry Potter from the couch and was pretty happy about that.

Today, however, is Wednesday and I still have a cough and I'm still raspy and snotty. This sickness has reached the 8 day mark and I'm over it. I was up for awhile last night hacking up a lung despite cough drops and medicine. But - I was able to ride (slow and steady) Sunday night, swim Monday and today, and bike Tuesday. Tomorrow I will attempt running seeing as a I have a half marathon next weekend... wish me luck.

I apologize to any people I was in contact with that are now suffering the same demise that I recently experienced. I missed almost a week of training, which sucks because I feel like I can't catch a break with my neck issue and hip flexor and flu bug. Here to happy, healthy weeks ahead and getting back on the horse!