Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The most epic flu of my adult life.

So I had that stressful week. Which ended up being a great training week since I focused my energy on training and not wallowing in the sad hole that was my life for a solid 7 days.

I bought a car Monday. 2011 Nissan Rogue - she's awesome and Rosie fits nicely inside. I'm glad the car buying process is over, lets leave it at that.

I thought to myself that night - self, you survived. your neck is back to normal. Let's try to stay in one piece from now on, shall we?

Wednesday morning (my day off) I woke up and my first thought was "oh. shit." I felt like I'd been legitimately run over by a truck. that was speeding. while transporting cement. my head weighed 100 lbs, my body was sore and achy and my face was on fire. I proceeded to sleep all day long, waking up for 10-15 minutes at a time before passing back out. By that evening, I wasn't doing much better, but ventured out to DC to have my friend take care of me because I was done fending for myself.

Thursday morning I woke up and couldn't remember when I had swallowed 37 knives, but apparently I had in the middle of the night because I couldn't swallow without searing pain. And head still weighed 100 lbs. I returned home very early Thursday morning after calling into work and passed out for the majority of the day. I tried to take Jazz outside and halfway down the stairs had to sit and take a break - it was pathetic.

Friday, if possible - I felt worse. The upper respiratory portion had begun at some point during the night and I had a dry hack of a cough that killed my throat. Miserable, I trekked out to Giant (I had barely eaten for two days) to restock on cold/flu medications and to find something enticing to eat. I came away with about 50 dollar in medicine, an avocado, yogurt (for the following week for work, no way I was eating dairy), crescent rolls, bread for olive oil/balsamic vinegar, and sardines. i'm dead serious. looking back, spaghettios would have really hit the spot as well...

Saturday I was off work - thank GOD. I don't even remember Saturday, that's how awesome I felt. I slept a lot. Watched Ian unpack from my view on the new amazing couch while watching Harry Potter... I provided moral support? Went to the movies Saturday night and tried not to infect anyone else with the plague.

Sunday I was able to venture out and help Ian with his new place. marginally. We went to Ikea and dined on Ikea food. Then i made a mental note to never do that again... I watched more Harry Potter from the couch and was pretty happy about that.

Today, however, is Wednesday and I still have a cough and I'm still raspy and snotty. This sickness has reached the 8 day mark and I'm over it. I was up for awhile last night hacking up a lung despite cough drops and medicine. But - I was able to ride (slow and steady) Sunday night, swim Monday and today, and bike Tuesday. Tomorrow I will attempt running seeing as a I have a half marathon next weekend... wish me luck.

I apologize to any people I was in contact with that are now suffering the same demise that I recently experienced. I missed almost a week of training, which sucks because I feel like I can't catch a break with my neck issue and hip flexor and flu bug. Here to happy, healthy weeks ahead and getting back on the horse!


  1. You were probably feeling the physical stress from the flu, even in the week before you actually came down with it. You might want to think twice about this half-marathon. The Universe might be trying to 'tell you something' (like rest and recover, for example: from the neck injury, the hip flexor issue and several days of having flu symptoms).

    1. Thank you for the insight, but that was 5 months ago - all good!