Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 2 (sleep is important, you should do it more often)

Sometimes its difficult to find the happy balance between long work days and training. I find I'm exhausted some days and energetic on others. I know I haven't been sleeping great, falling asleep too often on my couch and not making it to my actual bed which is less than 40 feet away. Right? Its stupid. And lazy. Do better Prochnow. Just... sleep like an normal human being. its not rocket science.

Monday: REST DAY

Tuesday: track workout
1.5 mile warm up
4 x 400m, 1 min rest
1 lap easy recovery jog
4 x 300m (jog last 100 to start line), 0:45 rest
1 lap easy recovery jog
4 x 200m, 0:30 rest
1 mile cool down

I'm not entirely sure about times or pacing to be quite honest. it was quick, felt good. no aches/pains. weather warmed up slightly from the previous week at least! my track buddy and i ran the whole thing together. its pretty awesome to have someone that is so similar in ability to do these weekly workouts with - makes it fun and competitive.

Wednesday: 1:00 swim, 3325y
300 warm up
5x75 (25 drill, 25 free, 25 drill)
3 x (300, 200, 100, 50 with 0:15 rest in between, faster with each interval)
20x25 IM order on 0:30
200 cool down

felt slow as hell at the beginning and for the first run of the main set. I actually looked at my watch and couldn't believe how slow I was... not a great sign. told myself to buck up and not be tired, so i did the 2nd set faster and the 3rd set a bit faster even. felt like a had put in a decent workout by the end, though i was just generally tired.

Thursday: 1:00 hill repeats
10 min warm up, 20 min tempo run at 7:40/mi, 5 x 3min uphill run up and down, so took about 5:45 or less each time.

unintentionally, i got marginally faster with each one, even though I felt like i was crawling by the last one. its a big ass hill. running around here has been VERY different than running in central illinois - even on easy runs i always incorporate this particular hill at least once into the run, regardless of what im doing. i do it when i run with jazz too - she doesn't love it, i can tell when she slows down at the steeper part. its less than 1 mile from my house, shorter if i take the shortcut way so theres not excuse to avoid it. i've never loved hill workouts, but i know its making me better. these illinois legs need the elevation changes or we're going to have a hell of a time at some of these races this year.

Friday: 0:55 swim, 3000y
300 (50 drill, 50 free, 100 kick, 100 free)
3x300 descending
4x200 (alternate 50 free, 50 stroke)
4x50 (25 fly, 25 free)
5x100 best effort (held 1:15-1:16 or so)

swam it with a friend and got my ass kicked hands down - but in a good way. i pushed myself pretty good throughout the swim and felt good about myself when we were done. its possible that i am getting slightly more comfortable swimming faster. not quite like the good old days, but better then where i've been in the past 8 years.

Saturday: 56:20 run, 7 miles
2 mi easy, 2 mi build to half marathon pace (7:45), 1 mile build to 10k pace (7:38), 1 mile easy, 1 mile strong finish

it was WINDY AS HELL outside. i tried to plan the run around the hills so that my 10k pace and 1 mile finish wouldn't be straight uphill. it worked out pretty well, but the wind was another story. first 4 miles were good, the 10k part was straight into the wind for the 2nd half mile - pace went from 7:25 to 7:38 by the end. the easy mile was straight uphill, also into wind - that took a ridiculous near 9:30. but the last mile was 6:59... and that made me smile.

Sunday: EL brick, 2:00 or so (the run was about 24 min)
bike was easy and slow. explored a bit of the trails around the lab, didnt break a sweat, a little frustrating because the weather was nice and it was my first outdoor ride of the year so i wanted to actually DO something. but it is what it is. the run after was decent, did 3 miles and some (can't remember). beautiful weather though - absolutely GORGEOUS.

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