Wednesday, November 30, 2016

finding mojo... and a day in my life on a random day off.

my family was here this past week for thanksgiving - it was awesome being able to be together (its rare) and even though we didn't get along 100% of the time (who does when holed up together for 1 week in a tiny apartment), it was amazing nonetheless.

that being said - i slept on a tiny couch for the entirety of the visit.  no complaints - i can usually sleep standing up.  at a concert.  next to a speaker.  in the front row.  no that didn't happen.  wait.  yes, yes it actually happened.  i was 17.  i was tired.  eve 6 is still awesome.

wow.  anyway.  so i guess i didn't have great sleep this week.  last night, i had the apartment to myself.  i drank half a bottle of wine and ate leftover pizza and sushi.  oh, and a tube of crescent rolls that we didn't eat for thanksgiving.  with more butter than i have the self confidence to admit.  at 9:30 pm, i convinced myself to go to bed.  monster the cat was passed out at the foot of the bed.  i laid down on the duvet cover with my head by his, had a heart-to-heart, and fell asleep while petting the cat.  by 5 am, jasmine had joined us and I woke up and took her outside.  upon our return, i got into bed like a normal human and fell back asleep until after 9 am.


i think i also need a babysitter.

i made the conscious decision to improve my eating habits after waking up this morning so ate some eggs with a shit ton of spinach and a sprinkle of cheese for good measure.  the rain was supposed to stop around 1 so i let myself be lazy until then.  coaching call with jess at lunchtime - all good things, nothing exciting on my end, which is good i think - and then i accidently fell asleep rewatching the new gilmore girls.

woke up and it was 1:45 pm.  time to quit procrastinating and get outside to run.  lacking motivation so i put on new shorts (thank you COEUR, love them) and drove to hains point so i could run the mall.

workout was 20 min easy, 30 min MAF, 10 min easy.  i decided for the first 20 minutes i would take pictures of all the pretty things i passed in an effort to keep the HR down.  its amazing how much there is to see on this run in the first 20 minutes.

first stop - jefferson memorial 

 view of air force memorial on way from east to west potomac park

 jefferson memorial across the tidal basin

roosevelt memorial - eleanor roosevelt
"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 

FDR + dog 

martin luther king jr. memorial 

vietnam memorial 

lincoln memorial 

obligatory lincoln memorial reflecting pool photo 

 reflecting pool path

ww2 memorial - illinois

tried valiantly to keep heart rate at 145 for the 30 min - way too easy to make it jump up, especially on my random street crossing sprints to catch the lights.  i thought about keeping up with the picture taking as i ran - washington monument, african american museum, american history museum, natural history museum,  sculpture garden, capitol building, botanical gardens, smithsonian castle, the merry-go-round... its mind boggling how many awesome things are here in the span of a few miles... but decided to just run.  and smile while taking mental pictures of cool things and cool people.  accidently missed my intended turn and ran an extra 10 minutes past the floral garden that i like but has since gone into hibernation.  

finished the run in a good, happy place.  when i don't feel like running, i wear my favorite clothes, down to the socks that i like.  i go to a place that i enjoy and i find something - anything - to make it fun.  hence, today's photo shoot.

what do you do to find your mojo?  

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