Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Third Time's The Charm

I had this blog in veterinary school... it opened up a new world in online-land and allowed me to meet strangers I never would have encountered. They were supportive and together we did an amazing thing - we raised money for cataract surgery for a sweet, blind, diabetic dog that was living at my clinic. Her name was Shy, but with me, she responded to "Shy-Shy". In a short period of time, we raised over $2,000. The day we reached that goal she sadly passed away, and collectively, we were heartbroken. I use the term "we" because her hundreds of supporters all felt a portion of what I was feeling. They had never met her (or me), but in a way they had - through the words on the page and the pictures that I shared.

We ultimately used the money to donate to a rescue group in Chicago and were able to save 2 "special needs" puppies that otherwise were facing imminent death. One had a broken femur and the other had a severe case of mange. Those pups would be treated and rehabilitated and later adopted into wonderful homes. We had done an amazing thing... me plus a world of "strangers"... yet, they weren't strangers at all.

I went on to start a blog about veterinary medicine/running - I love running. But due to a series of circumstances, I let it slide and it died a silent online death.

Enter IronVet, and my third attempt at keeping a blog.

Today, I am out of veterinary school and working as a general practitioner at a small animal clinic in Illinois. I've been there over 2 years and I enjoy my chosen career - though trying at times. This past year, I unlocked a passion that had been resting beneath the surface for years - triathlon. Sure, I dabbled a bit before vet school. I did a couple of sprint races without training, just to see what they were about. I even did a couple right after vet school - again, without training - but I enjoyed it immensely.

Eventually I went on to sign up for the big one - an Ironman. One year later, I reached my goal and became an "Ironman", finishing Ironman Wisconsin. That was 2 weeks ago. But finishing wasn't enough for me. My time was much better than I thought I was capable of... better to the point where, given good training, maintaining my health, and a little luck, I might be able to qualify for Kona. Enter my new dream. So, despite what loved ones and family and friends think - that this craziness might be over with - for me, the Ironman journey isn't over... its only just begun.

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