Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Off Season Training

I'm confused as to what I'm supposed to be doing in the "off-season". However, I still have some goals that I think I need to accomplish:

1. Become a stronger cyclist. Period.

This is the weak point in my race I believe. I averaged a tad under 19 mph (18.98 or something like that) for 112 miles and 19.5 mph for 56 miles in both 70.3's I did this year. I need to be able to do at least 19.5 mph, if not a bit faster. The girl that won Louisville in my age group did 20.6 and the girls who got 2nd and 3rd did 20.0 and 20.2 respectively... i.e. I need to be faster if I want to have a chance at Kona.

2. Improve nutrition/recovery.

As far as actual races are concerned, I think I did pretty well at keeping myself hydrated and fed. I broke a sacred race rule by trying something new the day of IM - I bought uncrustables sandwiches and ate three of them during the day. PB&Js were perfection during the race. That along with the Gu chomps and gels and salt tabs and Skratch and bluberry bagels... and small amounts of E.L. fudge cookies and Mountain Dew made my race fantastic. I honestly felt great during the race and after... until about 2 hours after finishing when I couldn't stay out of the bathroom. Seriously, every 20 minutes. It got a little rough. Thank God for port-a-potties everywhere near the finish line. And pepto bismol. Okay, enough.

I need to really do something about my post-workout recovery... as in I need to eat something. I try to drink chocolate milk at a minimum but I'm not always hungry and then sometimes I just skip meals. Its not great. I need to fix that.

3. Improve sleep habits.

Learn how to use the sleep button on the TV. Quit falling asleep with lights on and waking up in the middle of the night. Be an adult.

I'm also going to try swimming a bit more often and change my running training - vary the workouts, incorporate speed workouts and actual tempo runs v. running aimlessly and making up goals as I run along. I may try yoga... Perhaps just in the comfort of my own house though.

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