Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Support System

I was in a bit of a car accident this past weekend and it made me think about a few things. Let me start by saying, I am completely fine, but after seeing the situation in broad daylight and taking time to think about it, I realize things could have gone very poorly and I could have been seriously injured.

That being said - I had to rely on a friend to help me with the initial towing of the car and taking me back home. After that, I shut myself in and attempted to take care of it completely on my own. I rode my bike to work (something I've actually been meaning to do and it was a couple of lovely days for it) and tried to get this taken care of without any outside help. Yesterday, it started raining and the temperature dropped about 25 degrees from the morning. I broke down and called a friend/co-worker to drive me to the rental car company instead of attempting the journey on my bike (something I had fully intended to do).

I know that I have people in my life that I can call when I need help. My problem is I try to be so fiercely independent that sometimes I take on too much without enlisting the help of others. I know this is a fault of mine, and after this episode, I know I will try to reach out to my support system that is more than willing to help me. And vice versa - I know that I would do the same for them, but for some reason I despise feeling like a burden to others.

The point Im trying to make (TRYING) is I think this also translates into training. I did so much of the training on my own and followed a generic training plan that I tweaked (without really knowing what I was doing). It could have ended poorly (luckily it did not) - but I know there are so many people far more knowledgeable than myself that may be able to improve my training and racing and help me reach my goals. Does this mean finding and hiring a coach? Joining an active tri club? Reaching out to friends that run, bike, and swim? The possibilities really are endless, but all would involve including more people in my little bubble and understanding that IT. IS. OKAY. It is more than okay - it has the potential to be great.

I actually HAVE run with a couple of people this year - something I haven't done since undergrad. And it always ends up being fun! I think a part of me is afraid of holding them back and not letting them have the workout that they desire. Is that a ridiculous thought? Why am I such a goofball?!?

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