Thursday, December 4, 2014

Puppy Magic

I'd like to say work is all puppies and kittens and petting animals. It's really not. But sometimes, on those sunshine-y days, sometimes all it takes is a litter of puppies to make your day brighter.

This morning, my first appointment of the day was a litter of 3 week old puppies. Perfect, innocent puppies. And their mom was an equally sweet girl that clearly adored her babies. I love seeing how moms and babies interact, it could melt a Frozen heart (I've been called "ice princess" at work... I am not Elsa) - see what I did there? Anyone? Do you want to build a snowman? I digress. This cold medicine is making me loony.

I examined mom and she was looking pretty fantastic for dealing with quintuplets for 3 weeks. She gave me lots of doggy kisses and showed me where her babies were and didn't seem to mind when I picked them up to examine them as long as I kept them in her line of sight. She watched me like a hawk as I picked up each puppy, but she was fairly calm about the whole ordeal.

Puppies are quite hysterical. By three weeks, you can really start to see their personalities emerge. This litter had four males and one female. And mark my words - that little girl is going to get herself in TROUBLE. She is fearless and the only one of the pups to wander around the room, attempt to climb the wall, and nibble on her owner's sweatpants. She was vocal - she cried when I cut her nails like a little drama queen. Mom IMMEDIATELY tried to get near her to see the harm I was inflicted on her baby, so I kneeled down and let mom get a few licks in to make sure her baby was safe and sound.

Of course, puppy magic can't last an entire day. Eventually reality hits and we're faced with vomit, fractious cats, and bloody diarrhea... among other things. But to see a pile of brand new puppies just waiting to get a few snuggles and kisses in with you? You just have to savor those moments and smile for awhile.

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