Monday, December 1, 2014

SOAS Racing Team!

For the last 2 weeks I have been looking at my phone about every 15 minutes during business hours waiting to hear if I made the SOAS Racing Team as a brand ambassador. Their facebook update today said we would hear by today or tomorrow... which of course intensified my quickly becoming unhealthy email habit of "REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH".

During a particularly busy hour long stretch at work where I didn't even think about touching my phone and was running around like a crazy person, my phone rang and it was Dayle - "I MADE THE TEAM!" In that moment, I couldn't be more thrilled for her. Actually, honest-to-goodness overjoyed. I might've been screaming if I wasn't standing in the pharmacy behind the front desk... We talked before and said that regardless of what happened if either of us made the team, we were to be EXCITED about it and not be afraid of sharing it with the other. A second later, we hung up and I couldn't get to my email fast enough. Like, seriously, it wouldn't let me do it.


I knew I'd have an answer one way or another if I could eventually open my email without my phone freezing.

Minutes later (I kid you not), a new email from Stephanie Swanson popped up - "We would like to invite you to the team!"

After kissing and hugging the phone that I had just cursed into the deep depths of hell, a smile lit up my face and I did a crazy happy dance in the pharmacy. That is, until a client peeked in and I pretended like I was frantically wiping dog hair off my scrub top. My dance moves leave something to be desired... I'm not proud of that fact.

HOLY SHIT. In the back of my mind, I never really thought they would pick me. I mean I knew they'd be crazy not to, right? RIGHT?!? But honestly, I've only been really doing the triathlon thing for a year. The dabbling in years prior doesn't count - I didn't train for those races and usually signed up on a whim only a couple of weeks before. 2014 was the year... It opened up a new world for me, a new passion, something that not only helped me through difficult points in my life, but also gave me a focus and a network of people I never knew existed. Wait a sec, so there are other people out there that LIKE to run for hours for fun? That LIKE to spend endless time on a trainer in front of a TV watching movies? That LIKE to swim at 6 am, only to jump out of the pool and run in the park? WHO KNEW? I SURE DIDN'T!

I also realized that although I think I am a badass at times - there are people WAY MORE BADASS than myself. And slightly, marginally, just a tiny bit more intense about training and numbers and data and gear and technology... okay lets be honest, I actually know nothing about these things, but I want to learn if it makes me better.

For right now though, I did this... and I'm over-the-moon happy about it. One step in the direction I want to go...I get to be part of the SOAS racing team!

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and damn it, people like me. Thank you SOAS, I won't let you down! Dayle and I and the rest of the badass ladies are going to kill it next year!

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